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Coll Hamilton - Artist

Moment, 47 - Drawing On Paper


Image of Moment, 47 - Drawing On Paper

Original Drawing rendered in charcoal and pastel on paper - one of a series of drawings called "Moments".

Face to face is the most immediate and revealing interaction between people - that moment when observing an expression flashing across another person's face gives you a glimpse into their inner world.

This is one of a sequence of drawings in which I have attempted to capture and contain within marks made on a small piece of paper the energy and vividness of emotions witnessed on another person's face. Sometimes they are a friend, sometimes a stranger, a person sitting drinking coffee on their own in a cafe, someone standing in a bar amongst a group of people or even someone who has posted a selfie online.

I have tried to "attack" the surface of the paper with energetic, expressive and unconstrained mark making that matches the vividness of the emotions betrayed by features of the face and the eyes.

Using an array of different materials and media on varying surfaces and backgrounds I have tried to create a cacophony of feelings as the viewer feels like they are looking across a sea of faces with their gaze settling on one or more as they are drawn into the experience of the character the image holds.

Dimensions - 210 x 148mm

Signed by artist Coll Hamilton