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Coll Hamilton - Artist

And His Gaze Fell Not Upon Me


Image of And His Gaze Fell Not Upon Me

"And His Gaze Fell Not Upon Me"

Original Painting rendered in acrylic paint on canvas.

Inspired by a visit to the Trossachs and a small cottage I saw on a hillside. The cottage had one small window that was visible and something about it made me feel like it was a giant eye watching you from above - the eye of god.

This painting is a companion piece to another painting "Cock Of The Whatever". In each painting I have tried to create a narrative involving the figure in the image. In this painting the woman in the image is attempting to evade the gaze of the eye of god representing her desire to evade judgement or observation. The hens clucking at her feet represent the chatter and noise of other creatures inhabiting the world with her - other people.

Dimensions - 101 x 76cm

Signed by artist Coll Hamilton